The Art of The Apple


Wild apples still grow in the hills of Kazakhstan. The peaches in Canyon De Chelly mimic the sandstone walls and wild plums fill the Rio Arriba and the mind with intoxicating fragrance. Holidays are made with almonds and honey and raccoons are sad without apricots and Japanese without cherries. Quince, pears, medlar and their sister fruits are all children...Children of the Rose. It grows in a thousand varieties, each the exquisite ingredient of cultures. It adapts to nearly every environment and above all it produces beauty wherever it is present. Some in blossoms others in, fruit, seeds, fragrance and shade. Life by any other name is still a Rose. In it is contained the exact ingredients of all life...energy, information, purpose and perception. It’s all a matter of how it manifests itself and the Rose manifests itself in Beauty. This is the Art of Life.